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Industrial Metallurgical Holding



Main areas of business activities of Kombinat KMAruda are underground mining of ferruginous quartzites and production of the high-quality iron ore concentrate

The enterprises production process is based on the technology of non-waste concentrate production using hydraulic gobbing of mined-out areas with concentration tailings.

KMAruda is located in the Central Black Earth Region of Russia. It is the first enterprise that started to develop the world’s richest iron-ore basin — Kursk Magnetic Anomaly. Today, the enterprise develops rich ore reserves at Korobkovsky Deposit of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly.


In 2006, the integrated plant become a part of the Managing Company «Industrial Metallurgical Holding» and has a regular consumer — Tulachermet.

At present, strategic prospects of «Kombinat KMAruda» are united by the goal to support ferruginous quartzites and iron-ore concentrate production. To fulfil these goals, a re-equipment program was developed and has been implemented at the integrated plant since 2006.

In 2011, a project for increasing production volumes to 7 mln. tons of ore per year started, which contemplates development of bottom level reserves of Korobkovsky Deposit. At present, a cage shaft and a skip shaft are under construction. Among existing openings of the transport and subincline shaft, 160 m and 250 m horizons were opened. In addition, construction and start-up of grinding concentrating plant № 3 with a pellet production shop (capacity of up to 3.456 mln. tons of iron ore pellets) is under consideration.

Скачать  Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Скачать  Certificate ISO 14001:2015

Скачать  Certificate OHSAS 18001:2007

Sergey Solodyankin

Kombinat KMAruda Managing Director

Born in 1978.

He received degrees from three higher education institutions: Kuzbass State Technical University, specialty «Underground development of mineral deposits», qualification — mining engineer; Kemerovo State University, specialty «Economics and management of an enterprise», qualification — economist; T. F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University, master’s program in «Chemical techology» with the specialisation «Chemical technology of natural energy carriers and carbon materials», qualification — Master.

Professional life: Salair ore processing plant, underground shaftman of lead and zinc mine. From 2000 to July 2015, he worked at KOKS, having passed the way from a doorman of coke shop to executive director.

Since July 2015, he is appointed Kombinat KMAruda Managing Director

Married, has a daughter.

03.03.2011 Dry separation

Belgorod Oblast, city of Gubkin, OAO KMAruda Works. A method for dry magnetic separation capable of extracting magnetic inclusions from so-called mining waste, which are currently left unrecovered, is slated for introduction at plot No. 1 of the crushing and enrichment factory.

11.02.2011 Mine gets new loader

New equipment has arrived at KMAruda works.

23.01.2011 First chamber of 2011

Belgorod Oblast, city of Gubkin. The first chamber of the new year, 4/19-Sretenskaya, has been commissioned at OAO KMAruda Works' Gubkin mine. Its industrial reserves total 326 thousand tons.

19.01.2011 Inclinometer at work

Belgorodskaya Oblast, city of Gubkin. A new inclinometer unit has been commissioned at OAO KMAruda Works' Gubkin mine. It will allow specialists to overcome the challenge of determining the actual location of drilled wells.

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