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Social partnership

Social partnership

We have a firm belief that effective social partnership is a key to the company’s long-term sustainable development

In this connection, we are an active participant and sometimes the initiator of practical efforts aimed at improving the quality of life and living conditions in regions where we operate.

We distinguish four priority areas in which we carry out social partnership projects:

  • 1 Improving the local infrastructure to improve living conditions.
  • 2 Support and promotion of sports and healthy living.
  • 3 Support of and cooperation with cultural and educational institutions.
  • 4 Charity.

As an example of our activities in the first of the above areas, we can mention initiatives to install a traffic light at an accident-prone road section or construction of an elevated road via a railroad crossing to eliminate hours-long evening traffic jams in the city of Tula.

In addition, personnel of our enterprises participate on a regular basis in city clean-up events, help to lay out new squares and alleys in parks, develop premises and areas surrounding them.

Many projects are carried out in this area. As a part of our support of the sport of setting records, we sponsor the hockey team of the Kuznetsk Basin and “Arsenal” football club in the Tula Region, as well as a professional Greco-Roman wrestling section in the city of Gubkin. For employees of the enterprises and their family members, we build sport centres, pay for their swimming pool membership and arrange various fests and Spartakiads. In the cities where are present, we build workout grounds (for bodyweight training, i.e. horizontal bars, parallel bars, etc.).

One of the unique initiatives of IMH is bicycle traffic in plants’ premises. Employees often transfer between shops on plants’ premises using motor vehicles, which may have an adverse effect on health in the long-term and has an impact on the environment. Now, in warm seasons, an employee can get to a necessary place at IMH’s enterprises, using the most ecologically friendly and healthy means of transportation – a bicycle. For this purpose, in 2015, not only necessary quantities of “iron horses” were purchased, but also special road marking indicating safe traffic routes was made.

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