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IMH operational results for 1H 2019

25 July 2019

Industrial Metallurgical Holding (IMH), one of the global leading suppliers of merchant pig iron and the biggest merchant coke producer in Russia, announces its operational results for 1H 2019.

Key operational indicators:

Production, ‘000 tonnes

1H 2019

1H 2018

Change, %

Pig iron








Coal concentrate




Coke (6% moisture content)




Iron ore




Iron ore concentrate




In 1H 2019, Tulachermet continued increasing pig iron output which resulted in 2% growth of the total production volume compared to 1H 2018. At the same time, specific metal charge consumption rate decreased due to higher production efficiency upon completion of overhaul maintenance at the plant’s key production units.

Coal production decreased in 1H 2019 compared to 1H 2018 as a result of difficult mining and geological conditions Butovskaya and Tikhova mines encountered in the reporting period. However, according to the approved production plan, in 2H 2019 coal output at the mines is expected to be higher compared to the results of the last 6 months.

Coal concentrate production slightly increased on the back of lower own coal processing compared to 1H 2018. At the same time, concentrate yield at Berezovskaya washing plant increased by 6 percentage points due to the improved quality of the incoming raw coal.

Coke output, as was expected to, significantly increased compared to the 1H 2018 results due to smoothly running delivery logistics and new long-term export sales contracts for large coke volumes.    

Iron ore and iron ore concentrate production at Kombinat KMAruda slightly decreased as a result of exploiting the reserves of a selvedge part of the deposit with the most complicated mining and geological conditions.

The Company continues developing productivity growth and total production optimization (TOP) programs. Up to May 2019, 916 proposals were accepted for execution with total annual economic benefit in amount of 1.6 billion RUB.

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