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Butovskaya mine

Subsidiary of IMH-Coal

Butovskaya mine produces coking coal of grades К, КО, КСМ in Chesnokovskiy district of the Kemerovo coal deposit

The mine is located near the city of Kemerovo. Its first stage was commissioned in 2013, the second stage - in 2017. Design capacity of the coal mine is  2.7 mln. t.

Butovskaya mine is a modern and efficient coal mining enterprise. Mining license was purchased in 2004. The mine resources are represented by K, KO, KS and KSN coal grades with low sulphur and phosphorus content. The company employs about 1,300 people.

Coal mining is carried out with use of the latest technologies of the world and domestic leading manufacturers, which enable effective coal mining, delivery of goods and workers to workplaces, reliable protection of personnel in case of emergency situations.

The safety of mine workers is ensured not only by stationary control sensors, but also by the most modern portable devices for monitoring the content of harmful gases, coal dust deposits, air speed and other parameters of the mine atmosphere.

Butovskaya mine
Address: 650902, Russia, Kemerovo, Gorodetskaya street, 1
Managing Director Devyatnikov Alexander
+7 (3842) 49-63-80
+7 (3842) 49-03-76

Devyatnikov Alexander

Butovskaya mine director

Born in 1974.

Graduated from the Kuzbass State Technical University with a degree in State and Municipal Management.

He worked at various coal enterprises of Kuzbass. He passed the way from an underground stope miner to the mine director.

Since June 2019, he has been Managing Director of Butovskaya mine.

14.10.2010 Berezovskaya Central Processing Plant introduces new technology

Implementation of a major project to process pure fat coal is being completed at OAO Berezovskaya Central Processing Plant.

Butovskaya mine
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