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100% of Tulachermet’s pig iron will be labeled by 2015

13 March 2014

KOKS Group intends to provide insurance from fake pig iron to its customers.

Tulachermet has started equipping its casting machines with special labeled moulds. This would allow producing pig iron ingots with unique labels (an embedded capital letter «T» on top of the pig iron ingot of 7mm deep). Earlier the labeled moulds were successfully tested at each of plant’s six casting machines.

By April 1 2014, casting machine No.4 will be equipped with new labeled moulds followed by casting machines No.2 and No.6. Special moulds will be installed to the rest of the plant’s casting machines in the course of their planned maintenance works. By 2015 100% of Tulachermet’s pig iron output will be labeled. All design, testing and introduction works are executed by the plant’s staff without any increase in investments and operating costs.

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