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IMH expands cooperation with State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom

20 June 2019

On June 19, a meeting devoted to the expansion of cooperation between enterprises of the Tula region and the State Corporation Rosatom was held in Tula. During the meeting, the President of IMH Evgeny Zubitskiy spoke about the holding's capabilities in terms of supplying products for the nuclear industry and joint research work.

In the Tula region there are two IMH enterprises having potential to supply products for the nuclear industry – POLEMA and KVOiT.

POLEMA currently ships molybdenum products, as well as powders for coating, 3D printing and MIM technologies to Rosatom enterprises. Over the past three years, the plant has increased its sales to Rosatom by about 30 times. Among the promising areas for further expansion of cooperation are increase in supply of powders for the Center ofAdditive Technologies, accreditation of the POLEMA plant as a producer of molybdenum rolled products, as well as joint research work to improve the printing metal technology.

KVOiT has ability to design and produce crane equipment, containers for waste transportation and storage, ventilation systems and various non-standard metal constructions for Rosatom enterprises.

Metallurgical plant "Tula-Steel" (not included in IMH) can supply long products for the construction of nuclear power facilities in Russia and neighboring countries.

“IMH is interested in expanding cooperation with Rosatom and is ready to work together on current and prospective materials in all areas of its activities. We hope to significantly increase supplies to Rosatom enterprises from our Tula assets - powders and products from the POLEMA plant, metal structures and equipment from the KVOiT plant and long products from the Tula-Steel plant. We also see great prospects in joint research work on the creation of new materials, including powders for 3D printing. Expanding cooperation with Rosatom is certainly a big step forward both for our company and for the Tula industry as a whole,”- Evgeny Zubitskiy said during the meeting.

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