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Kemerovo Coking Coal plant Koks launched the second stage of Condensation Power Plant (CPP)

7 August 2019

The Koks plant (part of Industrial Metallurgical Holding) launched the second stage of condensation power plant (CPP) with a capacity of 12 MW. Commissioning of equipment made it possible to increase the total capacity of CPP up to 24 MW and fully satisfy the company's electricity needs.

Thanks to the expansion of power plant, Koks will save about RUB 70 mln annually.

The second stage of CPP includes turbo generator, circulation pump and 4 sections of a fan-type cooling tower. Investments in the facility amounted to about RUB 315 mln. Estimated payback period is 4 years.

Construction of the second stage of CPP is a part of the company’s environmental program. The power plant uses coke oven gas surplus to generate electricity. This helps to prevent pollutant and greenhouse gases emissions, as well as to save water resources using the water recycling system.

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