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Record-high pig iron output at Tulachermet

8 February 2019

During January 2019 Tulachermet produced 216.8 Kt of pig iron and achieved a new record-high result of monthly pig iron output for the whole history working with two blast furnaces. The amount was 8.8 Kt higher to compare with the plant’s production plan. Previous record was reached in December 2018, with the total result of 215.2 Kt.

The newly reached record was a result of improved quality of sinter due to maintenance of sintering machine #2. In addition, pig iron smelting productivity has improved due to higher furnace gas pressure and stricter control over technical procedures to comply with the best production efficiency practices.

During last four years, Tulachermet has been raising pig iron production consistently. In 2018 the outputu totaled 2.34 mt, which is 13.5% higher to compare with 2015.

“We continue to increase our pig iron output due to better operational efficiency and higher quality coke and iron ore concentrate supplied by our Koks plant and KMAruda, respectively. With growing consumption of captive coal and iron ore the Company reduces exposure to external suppliers and improves its financial performance”, noted Sergey Frolov, Vice President for strategy and communications of IMH.

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