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Sukreml Ironworks got a conditional stamping number for friction wedge

4 June 2019

Sukreml Ironworks (part of Industrial Metallurgical Holding), one of the leading domestic manufacturers of cast iron for railway industry and urban infrastructure, got a certificate of conditional number assignment for friction wedge stamping.

Conditional stamping number will allow Sukreml Ironworks to supply friction wedge to car-building and car-repair enterprises of Russia and Eurasian Economic Union countries. The annual consumption of friction wedge in Russian market is estimated at 2.5 billion rubles.

Friction wedge is an integral part of freight-car truck. It is designed to dampen vibration, arising while the vehicle is moving. In addition to friction wedge, Sukreml Ironworks also supplies locomotive brake pads for railway industry.

The conditional stamping number was issued to the enterprise by Federal Agency of Railway Transport for a period till 2022.

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