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Sukreml Ironworks started serial deliveries of ductile iron manholes

4 March 2019

Sukreml Ironworks (part of Industrial Metallurgical Holding), Russia's largest manufacturer of SML non-socket pipes, started serial deliveries of ductile iron manholes.

High-quality pig iron of Tulachermet and ferroalloys are used for ductile iron manholes’ production. Manholes made of such pig iron can withstand higher loads compared to analogues, and their mass is lower, which improves their transportation conditions.

In 2019, Sukreml Ironworks plans to monthly produce up to 100 tons of ductile iron manholes. The main part of products (about 70%) is planned to be sold on the domestic market.

The company manufactures ductile iron manholes and storm water inlets in accordance with European Standard EN 124-1994.

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