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Tulachermet begins pig iron labeling

21 August 2013

Tulachermet introduces labeling system to prevent circulation of low quality fake pig iron frequently released to the market by third party traders under Tulachermet trade mark.

Tulachermet introduces labeling system to prevent circulation of low quality fake pig iron frequently released to the market by third party traders under Tulachermet trade mark. An embedded capital letter «T» on top of the pig iron ingot was chosen as a label. Special moulds were designed for this purpose and successfully tested at the plant.

Tulachermet now has 6 casting machines. According to the plan of labeling introduction, the casting machine No.4 will be equipped with new labeled moulds in December 2013, the rest of the machines will get the new moulds fixed within 2014. The labeled moulds will be installed during planned maintenance works thus the total idle time of the machines will not increase.

A total of 2,156 brand new labeled moulds will be produced and installed at the plant. All design, testing and introduction works are executed by the plant’s staff and do not require any significant investments.

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