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Tulachermet continues the modernization of its oxygen plant

30 March 2015

A new unstressed start device for high voltage electric motors (UBPVD) is installed to provide frequency unstressed start of the oxygen plant compressors at OAO Tulachermet.

The UBPVD provides the start of three most powerful compressors K-1500, K-1700 № 1 and K-1700 № 2 without voltage dips in the 6kW power supply and with a decrease in mechanical stress on the traction mechanisms.

The system provides alternating startups for the electric compressors. Protection and interlocks exclude human factor mistakes when starting the work of the next compressor. The volume of the in-rush current at the time of completion of the acceleration does not exceed 1,5 rated current of electric motor. This allows to quit purchasing electricity from the third parties to start the compressors and supply sufficient volume of the electric power for the facility exclusively with the energy produced by the own steam air thermal power plant.

A problem of equipment downtime is also solved due to using this device. With its help, «hot» engine compressor can be run immediately after stopping. Earlier, the cooling of the engine down to the temperature permitted for start took up to two days.

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