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Tulachermet intends to stop purchasing electrical energy on the market

21 January 2014

Turbine electric power unit No.2 (TG-2) was commissioned after reconstruction at OAO Tulachermet on January 15, 2014.

This unit increased the plant’s power generating capacity by 25 MW up to the level of 60 MW.

In 2Q 2014, Tulachermet’s largest turbine electric power unit (TG-5) will be stopped for reconstruction and will be commissioned later this year with operating capacity of 56–58 MW. Total energy generating capacity of the plant will be increased up to 80 MW thus allowing Tulachermet to stop purchasing electrical energy on the market and even sell the excess of around 20 MW to third parties.

Growth of self-sufficiency in electrical energy is one of the most important elements of the cost saving program implemented at Tulachermet targeted to increase the plant’s profitability. It is expected that cost savings of the power generating units commissioned will reach RUB 136.5 million in 2014 and RUB 155 million in 2015.

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